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An unstable bankstick or rod pod can be infuriating, after spending considerable time setting them up so that they’re perfectly aligned the last thing you want is for your first bite to undo all your work. This is the reality for some of the weaker banksticks on the market, the pressure and movement experienced during a run is enough for the cam on some telescopic banksticks to collapse, leaving your rod(s) bouncing all over the place.

Avid Carp believe they have contested both problems with the creation and introduction of its Lok Down Bankware range.

Avid Carp’s ethos is all about producing carp fishing tackle that will take your fishing to the next level. It understands that, for you to be able to grow as an angler, you need to have gear that enables growth and skill development rather than stifles it. Established in 2009, the youthfulness of Avid Carp is its greatest asset as it encourages fresh thinking in a longstanding industry and isn’t afraid of new ideas. Avid Carp prides itself on its innovation and its ability to take an old tired concept and transform it into something new and exciting with the help of an Avid Carp twist.

The Banksticks themselves are conventional in shape, a 16mm super-strong shaft constructed from aluminium is lightweight but extremely durable. The Lok Down range is compatible with Lok Down Buzz Bars, Stage Stand and Stabilisers. All fairly conformist features, nothing new here, however, where the Avid Carp Lok Down Banksticks differ from others on the market is the functionality of its cam lock.

Instead of applying pressure to just a single point on the insert pole, the Avid Carp cam lock wraps around the circumference of the insert pole. This design provides substantially more hold and results in the banksticks being unmoveable, certainly by hand.

Lok Down Banksticks are available in a variety of sizes; 6 inch, 9 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch, meaning that there is a bankstick for every situation and substrate.