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The Super Pro V Roller has been based upon the popular Preston Pro V Roller, so if you were a fan of this excellent pole roller, you’ll certainly love this one thanks to its superb enhancements and improvements. You can experience the same quality that you held in the Pro V in this newer version that’s even better than before. The Super Pro V has several key differences which completely aid it in becoming an even more brilliant pole roller that will securely support your role and improve your coarse fishing session.

There is no use at all in investing in a quality fishing pole if you don’t have the necessary support to help out. With this fantastic pole roller, you’re fishing pole will have all the support it could ever need and more. This allows your pole to perform at its absolute best, so you can reap the benefits of a pole roller and pole working together in perfect harmony and reel in the fish of your dreams. With this pole roller, your fishing pole will be perfectly balanced and steady, enabling you to get a hold of even the most sensitive of fish that would normally escape at the slightest ripple in the water.

One feature that differs from the original Pro V roller is that the Super Pro V now has an extra set of internal legs. These allow the roller to be set higher than before, thus making it more versatile and offering you more options of how to set up your fishing pole. It will also allow you to adapt the roller to even more of the bank conditions you may encounter; whether the land is flat or hilly, you can balance your pole and have the perfect set up no matter what.

Overbalancing is an issue that too many anglers experience when they’re on the bank, and Preston has made sure this pole roller does not suffer from this. To prevent this problem, the base of the centre section has been designed with a convenient clip which is extremely useful for attaching a groundbait bucket or a carryall which makes the roller more stable. Thanks to this clip, you needn’t worry about overbalancing ever again. What’s more, the centre roller is now made in two parts which makes unshipping easier than ever before.

This pole roller has an ultra-sturdy tripod design which makes it exceptionally secure and stable and will make sure your pole is consistently supported. This combined with the range of height adjustment and green foam rollers makes for the perfect pole roller.

The Super Pro V Roller is not only of the finest quality for its purpose, but it is also super easy to store as well. Its legs fold out flat which makes it easy to store in the supplied compact padded carry case and its black lightweight frame means it won’t be a hassle to transport it down to the bank.